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We’re trusted

The government granted us the license to operate, and our clients are loyal to us - the two parties that allow us to continue what we’re doing, and do it well. Being certified grants us advantages, and we forward them to you.

A flawless journey

Enjoying the airport experience is real with us. You’ll be able to go through the airport without having the need to stand in lines and wait for your turn. Fast Track Casablanca eliminates the stress that comes with the airport’s bustle.

We’re everywhere

Both in Casablanca’s airport and in Morocco. Quality service is what keeps us going, and the satisfied-and-smiling look is what we’re after. Operating legally and flawlessly allows us to be competitive - and we’re really good at it.

Book Casablanca Fast Track and Casablanca airport lounge - enjoy stress-free travel

fast track Marrakech
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass
To or from your gate, your personal agent will fast track you through the airport.

Booking Lead Time (hrs) 24 Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1

From 19.00€
fast track Marrakech
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass
Take a shower and relax on arrival in one of our airport arrival lounges.

Booking Lead Time (hrs) 1 Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1

From 18.00€
Fast track Marrakech
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass
Upgrade your meet and assist service to include lounge access on arrival or departure.

Booking Lead Time (hrs) 24 Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1

From 34.00€

Skip lines and actually enjoy the airport – with us, you’re a VIP, and you shall be treated as such

Some get tired, some bored, and many get confused – we turn that around. First off, your Fast Track Casablanca concierge will be alongside you for the whole time. You will be lent a hand, a smile, and helped with every single procedure.

They will be waiting for you at the curbside, if you’re arriving, and escort you throughout your airport journey. If the luggage is making it seem like a hard-enough task, then you’ll definitely appreciate the porter service. Your Fast Track Casablanca agent will also assist you if you try to obtain a VAT refund, they’ll go through all the necessary procedures, and you’ll be left with the simple task of admiring Casablanca’s airport.

The beauty in Fast Track Casablanca, apart from the line-skipping, extra amenities, and your personal helper, is that it’s for everyone. You do not need to have a special airline status, you’ll be escorted just as hastily and efficiently.

Your Fast Track Casablanca concierge will escort you through immigration, security, and customs clearance in the blink of an eye. Whether you’re arriving, departing, or connecting, rest assured that you’ll be where you need to be – on time.

The amenities just keep on coming.

Your Fast Track Casablanca agent will also assist you with your duty-free shopping. Wander and browse at ease, as your agent takes care of all things complicated. So, you’ll be able to go through the airport in a timely manner, have someone go through the procedures for you, and be provided with porter service at a reasonable, fair price – the airport experience doesn’t get any better!

Our staff are set and ready to assist you with all-things-airport. You will be helped on and out of the airport. Got a question? Concerns? Let us know and we’ll get back to you, much like our services, quickly

Depart quickly, and effectively

Your agent will meet you and escort you. They’ll provide you with:

  • Baggage assistance
  • Check-in assistance
  • Escort to gate
  • VAT refund assistance
  • Duty-free assistance
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Hasty connections

Time is money, and we understand. Your Fast Track Casablanca agent will:

  • Assist you with terminal connection
  • Expedite customs and immigration
  • Baggage re-check
  • Expedite security clearance
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Arrive conveniently, and at ease

We’ve been expecting you! Fast Track Casablanca will set you up with:

  • Ground transportation
  • Porter service
  • Expedited procedures
  • Escort to lounge
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Fast track Marrakech

Easy, fair, and really fun!

A relaxing, hassle-free airport experience.

A relaxing, hassle-free airport experience.

You may book our Fast Track Casablanca services online. It’s simple, a little amusing, and 24/7.

Competitive pricing

Thanks to our license, we’re able to compete fairly and implement all-inclusive rates. Our prices are the best in the market.

Airport appreciation

We’ll change the “airport journey” notion, for the better. Enjoy our quality service that comes with our clever team.

Enjoy an ameliorated airport experience.

Booking your Fast Track Casablanca service is simple, easy, and user-friendly. It’s as easy as wandering through the airport.

1 Decide on a service

Simple and straightforward.

2 Book your selected service

Fill a form, and feel joy take over

3 All done!

Enjoy our Fast Track Casablanca services - you’re all set

Relaxing departures

Some arrive a couple of hours earlier to better make use of their time - at a lounge. Others prefer an extra hour or two with their loved ones. Whatever your case may be, you’ll definitely appreciate our Fast Track services. We’ll get you there relaxed, chipper, and on time.
  • VAT refund assistance
  • Baggage assistance
  • Expedited security clearance
  • Gate escort
  • Fast Track immigration and customs

Arrive conveniently

Those who happen to be on international flight certainly think that arrivals are tiring. However, with us, arrivals make for a pretty good opportunity to shop, relax, and admire. You will be whisked through all procedures, so we can save time that you’ll surely appreciate. You’ll be helped with your luggage, and arranged transportation.
  • Porter service
  • Car rental assistance
  • Ground transportation arrangement
  • Baggage assistance
  • Fast procedures

Connect with joy

It usually gets stressful when you’re on a connecting flight. Almost all airports are confusing, and a wonderful opportunity to explore in peace becomes a nerve-wracking experience at an unknown place. We’ll change that for you, and you will have plenty of time to admire the airport as you’re whisked through.
  • Porter service
  • Personal concierge
  • Terminal transfer assistance
  • Duty-free shopping assistance

An optimal and convenient choice for

Business passenger

Time is indeed money, and we’re comfortable with that. Wasting a minute means so much more than wasting just time, and you’ll love the way we operate. We appreciate punctuality, and you’ll appreciate us for it.

Family or group

Travelling as a family or a group is always fun. Airports tend to take the fun out of travelling, and we’re here to put it back. Our attendants will be with you at all times, helping you with each and every procedure

VIP traveller

There’s a fine line between travelling, and travelling with comfort. The latter is our speciality, and feeling like a celebrity will surely make you feel the joyous atmosphere of travelling.

Casablanca airport lounge

Enjoy the airport’s time-hidden amenities. We’ll get you the time that’ll allow you to enjoy Casablanca airport lounge. Unwind, grab a drink and get to your work. Alternatively, you may do the same besides the latter, and delight in delicious cocktails.

Casablanca airport lounge

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Marrakech airport lounge