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Usually, we first establish our legality, and that is to show that we’ve gone through tests and assessments, and most importantly, to show that we pay taxes. Fast Track Casablanca is fully bonded and licensed; which is not only advantageous to us – but to you, too. 

Licensed under the Moroccan Tourism Authority;

License number: 44/17

Starting with your first advantage – quality service. Fast Track Casablanca, along with its professional staff, will give your airport journey a first-class feel. A service that’s mostly reserved for VIPs and celebrities. 

Our secret is to treat every client like a celebrity.

Our staff have gone through extensive training, they know Casablanca’s airport like the back of their hands. And thanks to our recruitment team, they’re also quite sharp. 

Unlike with unlicenced Fast Track operators, nothing will come in between your car door and the aeroplane – unless you’re in the mood for a drink, then you’ll be taken to a lounge. You can count on us to get you through the airport without any hurdles, and on the off-chance, some appear, we’ll know how to tackle ‘em. We’re experts when it comes to navigating through the airport. You will be assisted with everything from the second you set foot in the airport until you wave at us from afar.

Illegal Fast Track operators are easily distinguishable; they do not provide various payment methods, and ironically, they tend to be pricier. Fast Track Casablanca ensures the smooth going of your airport journey and the best price in the market. Only when you can’t afford any hassles, will hassles be encountered. You may rely on us for a satisfying, fast, and efficient airport experience.

Should you have any questions or concerns, contact us our legally operating support team will get back to you.

Fast Track Casablanca ‘s joyous stroll through the airport.

Synonymous with comfort

Fast Track Casablanca guarantees the ultimate airport experience. Our concierge will be escorting you throughout the journey to the aeroplane, or the car door. Whether you’re on a connecting flight, arriving, or departing, you’ll surely enjoy the airport experience.

Get the best of both

Our prices are unmatched, and it takes a little more than five people to run an efficient Fast Track service. With us, you’ll be having the best of both - quality service, and reasonable pricing. 

Tested, and passed!

With flying colours. Fast Track Casablanca operates legally. And in doing so, we’re able to offer competitive prices and serve Morocco proud. You’ll have an enjoyable airport experience for a change. Trust our expertise, and we’ll reward you with a jubilant journey to the aeroplane.